We have named this association
BABEL – Building and Construction Industry, Evaluation & Learning Center

(in Danish: Bygge & Anlægs Branchens Evaluerings & Læringscenter)

Instead of speaking in different languages, BABEL seeks to establish new standards and a common understanding within the building sector. The technological development today has made the realization of this ambition possible within a foreseeable future, but it will take a great effort from all parties of the building industry to have a showdown with the habitual thinking in our sector.

The road to better and optimized building goes through innovation and cooperation


The vision of BABEL is to become a leading European Knowledge-
and Competence Centre and to prepare the building sector for facing the
challenges of future construction activities, so they can become among the world’s
best actors in translating building knowledge into value adding and visionary

BABEL will take and maintain the position as a regional focal point for innovative construction, competency and the professional debate including…

- Communication of the newest knowledge and research results in building and construction.
- Promote a change in attitude and a professionalization of the industry with greater interdisciplinary understanding, cooperation and trust within the parties.
- Improve the building industry’s possibilities of development and export, through an ongoing upgrading of skills within the workforce.


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