InSite – DNU
The project is a collaboration between the partners of BABEL and The New University Hospital (DNU – Skejby) on establishing a mobile learning space / a pavilion for training of the different professions engaged in building the hospital, and also facilities for teaching interdisciplinary projects with Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus School of Engineering and Aarhus TECH.

The project is financed by The Building Development Foundation, the educational institutions and DNU with altogether approx. 2 mio kr. In addition is an application for approx. 300.000 kr. from the Regional Competency Council and 3F. Also the Real Dania Foundation will receive an application for 5 mio kr. for the construction of the mobile learning space.

The project is lead by Peter Kjær (principal, Umeå School of Architecture – UMA) a steering committee, and coordinated by the secretariat of BABEL.


The Moesgård project is a pre-project for the upcoming InSite DNU project, with the aim of gathering experiences in teaching on the building site. The project seeks to create measurable results and improved workflows.

This autumn BABEL will organize a competency developing course aimed at the practitioners on the building site of Moesgård New Museum. The pre-project is financially supported by the Regional Competency Council, who administers funds from the EU Social Foundation.

The project coordinated by the secretariat of BABEL.

Foto: Derrick Butler (copyright)


The need for more educated employees in the buildign industry has initiated an application for the Local Employment Council (LBR) in Aarhus Municipality. In a collaboration between The Holistic Effort (DHI) and 3F work is done to attract young people to the industry and to secure retention of new employees.

At present 36 employees and middle managers are educated as mentors and 21 young workers have been in training programs on the building sites. The projects ends in January 2012, but is being recommended for continuation.

The project has received altogether 1,4 mio kr. from LBR and the Aarhus Municipality Task Force. It is lead by Keld Hvalsø (DHI) and Ole Christiansen, (3F)


A collaboration between Aarhus Municipality, Lodz Municipality and among others BABEL has initiated an educational and training program in Poland. After almost 3 years it seems that we can finally establish a project around the refurbishment of a building in Lodz.

The project is lead by Hanne Marklund (Aarhus Kommune)


The coming years will present several examples of high-rise constructions in Aarhus. The first steps in launching a project aiming to secure at competitive model in areas such as productivity and safety during high-rise construction.

The project is lead by Ole Christiansen, (3F)